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    It’s time for an ebook giveaway.The “A Pie Plate Pilgrimage” ebook is now available at amazon kindle, kobo, apple, barnes&noble, and smashwords online bookstores. More importantly, for a limited time, it is FREE! All we ask is that you follow the 3 R’s: read it, rate it and review it on the site you found it. […]

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    If you are on the world’s largest social networking site for readers, you can add A Pie Plate Pilgrimage to your reading list, rate the book and add or read a review. Occaisional reviews for the book posted on goodreads will be posted on this site as well.

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  • A Pie Plate Pilgrimage

    Presenting the debut novel of author and pastor, William Loewen. Lydia Phillips has a degree in comparative literature and she thought she had found a dream job at a publishing company, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way.  Her boss is out of touch, and new ideas are routinely ignored.  Suddenly, she is commissioned […]

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